📟🐱 GlitchCat Sunday Post (07 November 2021) 

Been a hot minute since i’ve done one of these so here you go!

§ Instance News

• It was a while ago, but the configuration bug which was leading our WebFinger to sometimes go down due to a logging error has been fixed!

• Daylight Savings Time has ended in North America! Set your clocks back, or don’t out of protest. 🕚

• Some of you may have heard rumour of some accounts mentioning a bunch of users and generally being harassing. Far as I know, nobody here has been affected, but if you ever have any problems let me know!

• Relatedly, I’ve recently gone and blocked a fair number of instances.

• Relatedly relatedly, while I haven’t silenced any instances solely for having open registrations ⁜yet⁜, it’s a factor which I will likely take into account in the future.

📟🐱 GlitchCat Sunday Post (17 October 2021) 

§ Instance News

• We had a temporary federation outage LAST sunday due to issues with the technology which manages our WebFinger redirects.

• Earlier today we upgraded the server with the latest changes from GlitchSoc; for the most part these changes shouldn’t be noticeable. If you DO notice anything breaking, let us know!

📟🐱 GlitchCat Sunday Post (3 October 2021) 

§ Instance News

• No major updates! There was a problem with Let’s Encrypt certificates? Didn’t seem to affect us! 😄

• It’s the spooky season!! Feel free to join in the celebrations with a spooky avatar or username (if you want).

• A reminder that October 8 (Friday) is International Lesbian Day!!

§ From Our Members

• I finished my work on u2764.com, an archive for various things I have published on the internet.

@aescling is working on refactoring httpd.execline (which powers our WebFinger and her website) but it isn’t done yet!

📟🐱 GlitchCat Sunday Post (26 September 2021) 

§ Instance News

• No major updates! Everything seems to be running smoothly!

§ From Our Members

@Satsuma created caramels! You can see pictures here: ‹ glitch.cat.family/@Satsuma/106 ›.

• In the process of re·organizing/consolidating my internet presence, I wrote an XSLT ‹ github.com/marrus-sh/u2764/blo › which can be used to generate index pages like ‹ u2764.com/XRPT/ › and ‹ u2764.com/OFIC/ › from linked Atom feeds/archives! See the source code for those pages, or @ me for an explanation of how it works.

📟🐱 GlitchCat Sunday Post (19 September 2021) 

§ Instance News

• We’ve set up a new fork for the instance, derived from GlitchSoc, at ‹ github.com/kibicat/mastodon ›. For now, the name of the fork (subject to change) is “Kibicat Mastodon”. We haven’t committed much code yet, but there has been a great deal of discussion about goals and direction via the GitHub Discussions pane.
Kibicat Mastodon is not presently looking for individual outside contributors, but we ⁜are⁜ interested in working with other communities / instances to meet mutual goals. Contact us (by which I mean me) if you’re interested in collaborating with us!

• A bunch of new cat‐ and pokémon‐themed emoji have been added to the instance! Use them to your heart’s content :Eevee_joyful:.

• The server was upgraded for the first time without any issue 🎉!

• It is not feasible for me to personally vet every instance that GlitchCat federates with, but I have begun doing so for the larger instances and applied mutes or blocks as appropriate. I’m hoping to push some changes to the fork soon which will make future bookkeeping simpler in this respect.

§ From Our Members

• I published another episode of my pokémon fanfiction, can you believe it?! You can read it from the beginning here: ‹ archiveofourown.org/series/237 ›.

[Accomplish something cool? Tell me about it and I’ll be happy to give it a feature!]

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