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if you want to write about someone unnaturally sexy and gifted, the correct genre for you is vampire fiction

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when they say 鈥渉opeless romantic鈥 but mean 鈥渇oolishly swallowed the propaganda of patriarchal heterosexuality鈥 and not 鈥渞eally likes thinking about Frankenstein鈥

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sometimes i don鈥檛 understand bots, like, why would you markov that, the source is way more interesting

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ah yes, fandom, the community known for its incredibly deep and contentious divides; sounds like the perfect thing for me to make generalizations about based on small surveys and broad demographic information

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if your story doesn't make sense you don't have to try to rationalize it; you can just press the delete key

wake up morning
eat (dog) breakfast
walk the perimeter
woof at thing (maybe)
sniff ground (definitely)
lay in grass
look real cute (accidentally)
life as dog

why is everyone releasing christmas albums in october

eve kosofsky sedgwick, diplomatically choosing her words in the preface to the 2008 edition: 鈥淚鈥檓 willing to say nowadays that when I鈥檝e had sex with another person, it has been with a man.鈥

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eve kosofsky sedgwick, writing Epistemology of the Closet: i will simply decline to say whether i am a lesbian or a heterosexual

eve kosofsky sedgwick:

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Eve Kosofsky 鈥渨hy am i so personally invested in reading male homosexuality into classic literary texts鈥 Sedgwick

catholics don鈥檛 like to point out other people鈥檚 flaws :)

i can鈥檛 stop watching it

my brain just keeps yelling CONDOM!!

i don鈥檛 even know why

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they鈥檙e advertising table leg condoms on TV

from the internet鈥檚 selection of images maybe mario galaxy had the head鈥恜lanets and metroid wii just used heads next to the save file but regardless

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i鈥檓 not making this up am i like i鈥檓 pretty sure it was a thing

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samus leaving a metroid prime wii save file like 馃く

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remember in metroid prime wii how they had planets which look like miis

these are strong opinions but i don鈥檛 feel like they should be difficult to accommodate

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first it was 鈥渞omance literature can have some good qualities鈥, then it was 鈥測ou don鈥檛 have to limit the perspective of your writing if you don鈥檛 want to鈥, then it was 鈥渉ere is what queer theory has to say about grief and mourning鈥

today it is 鈥減retentious writing advice is bad and people should just explain in clear language when things are useful and when they aren鈥檛鈥

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芦鈥痬ost people in the U.S. focus on Columbus as an explorer, not as an Italian鈥

i simply do Not know how to talk about Romantic literature with somebody who does not understand the Freudian distinction between mourning and melancholia

will i get praised or cancelled for my extensive knowledge of queer theoretical approaches to grief and mourning, episode 117/????

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