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Okay belated introductions post as promised:

I'm satsuma aka satsu aka 🍊 yr resident chronically ill punk, generally operating out of Philly (so EST, timezonewise)

I mostly post about whatever's caught my interest at the moment, which typically includes: cdramas & other fandom stuff (I believe I am the fedi-originator of ), food (i have a lot of niche food hobbies), cats, the local flora, asexuality & queer theory, and my questionable attempts at learning spanish

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Going to be without service for the next two weeks! Will be up in the mountains <3

Don’t burn the house down without me, etc etc

Really well done animatic (what are we calling early-empire — rebels era?)

Honestly my main wiscon report is that i’m a 💖 person now

We got enough volunteers to keep the server up until next con and you can tell that literally every volunteer was like “oh perfect now we’ve got a great place to manage recruitment & training”

Something I don't think I've mentioned is that we don't actually have a house style for audio recording indexes? I got some feedback from someone who'd done them before early on about what they think works/doesn't but mostly no one cares so long as the info's there and the formatting is relatively internally consistent.

So that's weird

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Not now, after like a solid week of sleep min but WisCon has me feeling the resilience theme

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Thinking about switching to the cactus icon next….

honestly the vidshow alone is worth the $25 admission

: WHAT IF EVERYTHING WAS FINE, averting canon sadness

Other observations of note from my walk: a cluster of students in a fountain (who hopefully dont have any early exams tomorrow), a number of crickets, and an adorable cream and ginger kitty

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the paulownia, fringetree, & honeysuckle are all in full bloom right now and the humidity from the rain, rather than knock the scent out of the air is only making in more vivid

Registration for 2022 closes tomorrow, May 15th!

It's an online con and there are both online only & hybrid memberships still available -- more information on both can be found on their site:

Romance, Slow Burn, Getting Together, also, Established Relationship, (kind of), welcome to Guardian canon

I could start but I’m not sure I’ll be able to top «Han Chen finds it kind of amazing that this isn't even the first time he's been lured into the woods for some kind of weird game that's probably supposed to include people being murdered.» anytime soon

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