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Time to vote on next month's #rec theme over at #Fancake:

🔹 Aliens 👽
🔹 Going Home 🏠
🔹 Politics 🗳️

If you're a comm member, pop by #Dreamwidth and vote. If you're not a member, but want to be, join up and then vote! 🎂 #fandom

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In addition to Kelloggs workers striking, John Deere workers are now also striking!! They gave the CEO an over 100% raise (went from 6 mil to 15.6mil) and were only offering 6% raises while eliminating pensions to workers.

I know most of us are apartment dwellers, but they sell branded merch and small tools too, so.

uh, warning for just sorta blithely ignoring the entire existence of native peoples when discussing the settlement of australia and america

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the version i'm reading was kindly pirated for me by my professor so i can't link it, but if you'd like to read this it appears the internet archive also has a copy

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long quote, criminal justice 

Address to the Prisoners in the Chicago Jail

by Clarence Darrow

This address is a stenographic report of a talk made to the prisoners in the Chicago jail. Some of my good friends have insisted that while my theories are true, I should not have given them to the inmates of a jail.

Realizing the force of the suggestion that the truth should not be spoken to all people, I have caused these remarks to be printed on rather good paper and in a somewhat expensive form. In this way the truth does not become cheap and vulgar, and is only placed before those whose intelligence and affluence will prevent their being influenced by it.

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I kind of want to link you to this latest issue of AZE Journal, about asexual masculinities this time. There's two really interesting pieces about American Black and American Asian masculinity, and navigating racist stereotypes about sexuality while ace.
So totally a reccomendation for those who are generally interested in things about masculinity.

and if you want to get really deep, there's the fact that the un-inflected form 'adon' derives from the word 'ad', meaning 'father'

and 'ad' just happens to coincidentally mean 'child' in mando'a. Which, usually i'm not going to complain about the etymology of a word conflicting with a completely different language but considering it's already established as a pun, and mando'a is highly agglutinative makes me extremely tempted to interpret it as meaning 'child-____'

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okay now that i've explained one way that this is weird i feel like i have to explain the rest in the interests of fairness

there's the fact that it's a pun which, i'm not saying isn't a thing in star wars but is a bit weird

there's the fact that its kinda vaguely blasphemous

there's the fact that duke kryze and his daughter, duchess kryze are the *only* people who use the title of duke/duchess on mandalore, and its really weird that they do because they're an unwieldy fit for Mandalore's clan system

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Anyway when even babyname sites are calling it a 'culturally loaded choice' maybe your pun isn't worth it?

(eg. )

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Do you ever think about the fact that Star Wars really named a character Duke Adonai Kryze

Popcorn, by the way, is one of those items that just bafflingly sucks on induction

I thought maybe I was just being nostalgic for my childhood stove but no even on my current crappy (gas) stove popcorn is way easier & nicer

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Options in the Satsuma kitchen:
- Butter/ghee melted w/thyme (optionally add grated Romano)
- Penzeys Sandwich Sprinkle ( )
- Tonys
- garam masala

I also used to do kettle corn a lot but it doesn’t really work with my current setup unfortunately :(

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if you eat preseasoned popcorn telling me the flavor is an acceptable response

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teacher who always makes things due on Saturdays at 10 PM has decided to make something due on Sunday at 10 PM

I mean, if you're going to pick a horrible time for your due dates at least be consistent about it???

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📟🐱 GlitchCat Sunday Post (3 October 2021) 

§ Instance News

• No major updates! There was a problem with Let’s Encrypt certificates? Didn’t seem to affect us! 😄

• It’s the spooky season!! Feel free to join in the celebrations with a spooky avatar or username (if you want).

• A reminder that October 8 (Friday) is International Lesbian Day!!

§ From Our Members

• I finished my work on, an archive for various things I have published on the internet.

@aescling is working on refactoring httpd.execline (which powers our WebFinger and her website) but it isn’t done yet!

That last one is the only one on the list where I can see why professors *think* it's a good idea, good to make kids review stuff while it's still fresh, right? Yeah except: 1) I am not a kid who needs to be made to review things & 2) on Mondays I don't get out of class until 9PM--there is no 'still fresh' left to review with by the time I get out of class

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I have a whole list of guidelines for duedates that are to me very obvious but apparently not universally so, because profs keep Doing The Thing

(things should be due on weekdays, preferably ones where the class meets, and at either 11:59 or the beginning of the class period. Things should *not* be due on: weekends, random times unrelated to the class schedule, or--with the exception of in class assignments--on the same day that the info necessary to complete the thing is provided)

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One of my profs keeps making things due on Saturday at 10 pm and I'm just.

Why would you do that

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