imagine thinking people are rioting for freedom

i was worried that i wouldn't have any pokémon from Gen VII but it turns out that’s where Mudbray is from

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great moment in DA2 the other day where bethany, your sister, was like “cops seem so much better than soldiers, i mean, they actually get to help people” and aveline, the member of your party who is literally a cop, was like “absolutely not”

this release adds a method chaining syntax like

const wickedPara = (
)`My wicked paragraph`;

if that’s something you’re into

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today i am using it to bind a function and then later retrieve the bound value

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`class extends identity` continues to be my favourite javascript trick

working on some pretty sizeable changes so there might be a 0.2.0 somewhat soon

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@alyssa i quite like it, although i grew up reading Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark so ymmv

(it is generally not scary but it has some similar vibes)

i still can't get over thrusting your erect dick into the moist soggy knot of a decaying log because you thought it was a beautiful woman

and then dying because there was a poisonous scorpion waiting inside

« One day; the neighbor's son saw her and couldn't take his eyes off her, he was so smitten by her beauty. Yingning didn't try to avoid him, but just laughed. The neighbor's son thought she was making herself available to him, so his heart filled with desire. Yingning pointed to a place at the base of the wall, laughed, and then climbed down, while the neighbor's son, thinking she was proposing a rendezvous there, was deliriously happy.

Once night fell, he went to the spot, and Yingning was already waiting there. He pulled her close and thrust himself into her, but felt something like an awl stab his privates with a pain that penetrated to his very heart, and after screaming madly, he stumbled and fell. On closer examination, he saw that it wasn't Yingning, but a rotten log leaning against the wall, and the place he'd thrust into was a soggy knothole.

When his father next door heard him yell, he hurriedly rushed over to find out what had happened, but his son merely groaned and wouldn't say anything. Once the man's wife appeared, however, the son told them everything. When they lit a torch and examined the knothole, they saw that inside it was a huge scorpion, the size of a small crab. The old man split the log open, then caught and killed the scorpion. He hoisted his son onto his back and carried him home, where he died in the middle of the night. »

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