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been three years since we first created an account on the fediverse but now that we co-admin an instance, i guess it’s time for some

we’re cat æscling, a fluffy black cat providing the technical infrastructure for the insurance. (@ us if you’re curious about the kind of shit we get up to in the service of that goal!) let us (or your admins) know if you run into technical problems with this instance; for any other issues, please go to @Lady

we’ve been using mastodon fairly quietly for a while now, keeping up with friends and posting over-off thoughts and such, often on private. you’re free to follow, but as we like to keep our home timeline small, we’ll probably not follow back

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@Lady sometimes i really am the haru to your baron tbh

i am pretty interested in what future paid DLC might do, but watch the next one be the mario party game they released on the wii u or some shit like that

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something feels really off to me that nintendo can get so much praise for an animal crossing update that’s for the very most part just features that were in new leaf

lmao @ the amount of hand-wringing the NRSV makes about how to translate nongendered third person pronouns because they literally do not believe singular they exists

damn. some people out there on the fediverse really do be assholes though

DC adapted Red Son into a movie in 2020?????????

apparently mastodon intends to change the URI for accounts to account/@username and i think i like this change quite a bit

@aescling I'm not sure if you're taking questions but I was wondering if you might be willing to consider extending that policy to include :blobfoxpat: and/or :bunpats: ?

damn i keep neglecting to post server updates/reboots/&c from @ShipsCat

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