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follow me and @gayocats on the mastodon-compatible fediverse to see me reply to examples of what i look like when my spouse is tree

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follow yr cat on the mastodon-compatible fediverse to see us repost gayocats and subtoot our spouses

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been three years since we first created an account on the fediverse but now that we co-admin an instance, i guess it’s time for some

we’re cat æscling, a fluffy black cat providing the technical infrastructure for the insurance. (@ us if you’re curious about the kind of shit we get up to in the service of that goal!) let us (or your admins) know if you run into technical problems with this instance; for any other issues, please go to @Lady

we’ve been using mastodon fairly quietly for a while now, keeping up with friends and posting over-off thoughts and such, often on private. you’re free to follow, but as we like to keep our home timeline small, we’ll probably not follow back

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you’ve heard of Boney M but have you heard of


once i finally get my laptop back i’m gonna start actually working on :lune:

don't mind me i’m just kind of obsessing over the whole series right now

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matrix resurrections might be my favourite of the series?

as in, in addition to Neo

anyway on further research this was pretty straightforwardly what was going on to a much larger extent than i noticed

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can recommend The Matrix Resurrections.
made me feel some shit

Asking for money 

Well because of fuckery with payment ordering, I have a whopping $2.88 in my bank account right now. If folks could help me cover food for break today that'd be much appreciated 💜

$$$help, boosts appreciated,mh adj. 

My mental health is pretty much non existent if that makes sense. I'm having multiple episodes a day now to the point it's fucking with my routines. I'm going to be away probably until Feb or around my birthday (whenever I feel like it) if I can keep it up. In the meantime any help would be appreciated.$melaninpony

I also have other links to wishlists as well if you want to get me anything from those

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