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somebody make me a “i sleep / i wake” munchlax meme

kind of guy who wants to emulate WU but didn’t read the interview with Mark Rudd

for everything else, learn an actual martial art

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the only things guns are good for is causing large amounts of damage at a distance longer than an arm’s length, and suicide

most people do not actually have a good reason for doing the first thing and we would like to prevent the second

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“get a gun to protect yourself” a gun does not protect yourself from shit. it is small and worthless at blocking blows. you're better off stepping outside and picking up a fallen tree branch

just support the business by you know
spending money at the business

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« Now you have a chance to support these businesses by purchasing frames from the ad as NFTs. » what

“i can’t believe how gay they made Ash and Goh”

apparently if you long press on the emoji it says who did the emoji but if you short press the emoji it submits a reaction so it requires living on the edge

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why can't you see who reacted to a post in mobile slack

girlfriend at least agrees that pokémon journeys is gay by the third episode

kind of girl who writes years with a comma after the thousands place

why do people write (titles like this)

why would you write zelda as a good cook

the best part of waking up
is folgers in your cup ♪

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