do kids these days even know what project gutenberg is??

oh wait, it’s a website not an app, so of course they don’t


when i was in high school most of the art i was exposed to was from browsing e.g. Category:Romanticism on Wikimedia Commons, and maybe part of this is the blame of Wikimedia Foundation for not prioritizing that kind of discovery in their apps, but it just seems to me like that kind of web browsing has died a slow, gothic death over the past decade


the kind of idle linkfollowing which people now see as relegated to sites like Wikipedia or TVTropes was once how the entire internet operated

@Lady hey zoomers......... you know how that “Hyper Pop” you listen to likes to mishmash genres all the time ............. well uhhhhhhhhhh idk, imagine if all the genres it was influenced by it somehow could, explicitly tell you exactly what genre it was using, and then pointed you to something that maybe then pointed you to examples of that genre............. uhhhhhhj sounds cool, right? uhh. yeah. so uh. have you heard of hyper*text*.............................

@Lady we found hundreds of webcomics to read that way

- a Packbat 🎒


i miss clicking through webrings and top 100 virtual pet website lists and using stumbleupon....
having bookmarks full of different cat blogs instead of them all just being on twitter

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