re: exaggerating my opinion to be provocative 

@manifold anyway my attempt to answer what actually put me off of John Wick was what i remember being something of a heavy, perhaps dreary, almost brainfoggy kind of tone? idk how exactly to describe it but it was really not what i wanted (and if the movie is like how i remember it, it’s still not really my thing. like, idk. whatever kind of tonal thing The Northman has going on? if you’ve seen that? it’s not really my cup of tea)

i wanna pirate the sonic movies so i can hatewatch them with people lmao

re: exaggerating my opinion to be provocative 

@manifold having seen clips years later it is clear what Wick is Very Well Crafted so i would almost certainly appreciate it on a rewatch

re: exaggerating my opinion to be provocative 

@manifold been too long since i watched it so i can’t say why but i just bounced off the first one when i watched it. idk i just didn’t care for most big budget action films at that point in my life

(i probably would have disliked how tongue in cheek Bullet Train is at that time honestly so idfk what was up with my taste in film)

exaggerating my opinion to be provocative 

also, unlike John Wick, it was actually good!

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@xenon i think they should spawn next to me whenever i start the game

director of John Wick does an action-packed tragifarce and it’s great???

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full cut of the new Errant Signal is done, hell yeah

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