If you’re on dreamwidth or want to be on dreamwidth & are looking for accounts to follow, there’s a friending meme going on right now!

Targeted at the current LJ exodus but welcome to all:

As a sort of tag to my friending meme promo (which is still going on btw!) Dreamwidth has posted some notes about successfully importing to Dreamwidth from LiveJournal:

The short version: LJ is intermittently blocking the IP addresses Dreamwidth crawls from, possibly because of people misinputting passwords. There’s not a ton they can do about that unfortunately but trying again later will usually work

@Satsuma Oh is there a new LJ exodus now? Because of the Russia situation?

@ljwrites there was some rumblings before Ukraine bc LJ decided to break all the crossposters (maybe a month ago?) & it turns out the site looks a lot emptier without the ghosts of everyone who left for [insert LJ clone] years ago

But then Ukraine happened, and LJ is owned by Rambler Media Group, who is owned by Sberbank, who is owned by the Russian gov’t. So now everyone wants to get out quick

@Satsuma Yeah makes sense, maybe their loss will be DW's gain! I don't have quite the courage to cut the cord on LJ, especially all the comments I accumulated over the years. Current bet is I'm going to keep being a coward and passive-aggressively wait for the site to breathe its last.

@ljwrites yeah its definitely not an easy move to make! Hopefully you’re able to back up all the important bits before the site does actually breathe its last on you

@Lady I think you have much more specific blogging preferences than yr average dw-er?

I mostly use it as my fandom hub, for which it can either be great or a ghost town bc the userbase is small enough that its a roll of the dice whether you find an active community for any particular interest

@Satsuma i think you know my interests in that respect

@Lady yeah and I’m coming up blank on any good zelda coms, or I would have just said ‘subscribe via RSS for a bit and then decide for yourself’

@Lady @Satsuma idk if i wanna be on dreamwidth but i do wanna write up responses to that friending

@aescling @Lady someone could always run a RSS based friending meme

I might do that sometime actually

there is a dreamwidth friending meme going on and i decided to post my take on it on mastodon lol 


Name/Nickname: yr cat
Age or Age Group: mid 20s
Country: United States
Pronouns: they/she/it, and some i made up


Do you have any hobbies?: Competitive games. Learning how to taste things. I really want to get back to drawing & painting and making music. ...Is sysadmin a hobby?

Do you have any interests, that wouldn't fall under a hobby?: Coffee and tea/tisanes; scrambled eggs & omelettes.

Any dislikes?: Raw celery. HTML that uses strong where it should have used b :P

Are you into fandom?: I would have been over AtLA, LoK, and The Spectacular Spider-Man back in the day if I’d been allowed to actually talk to people online by my parents at the time lol. I’ve really calmed down about this kind of thing these days, except for the competitive Smash scene, which I think can be looked at an a fandom. I may or may not scream when watching tournaments.

What does your day to day look like?: Not gonna lie, I don’t really wanna answer this one because I think it would be a bit depressing,


What do you like to watch?: When I make time for it I like to watch anime that is generally well regarded or otherwise culturally significant. Newest I've watched is the first season of Chihayafuru (I will finish it, don’t worry), which is truly excellent. Shinichiro Watanabe is a problematic fave for me; I loved Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy. Death Note is very silly in a good and fun way, though I have yet to finish it after the first arc concludes lol. Attack on Titan can be very emotionally affecting when it is not way too much (I’ve had to sit out a couple episodes at times) or otherwise on some real uncomfortable shit (I have heard some really sus things about the final season lol).

What movies do you enjoy?: Everything I've seen by Kelly Reichardt. Lately I have become a fan of the full Matrix series. I loved the Incredibles as a kid; these days the only Pixars I’d watch are Ratatouille, then The Incredibles, to see if I still think it holds up. Spider-Man 1 is a lovely film. Spider-Man: Far From Home is not as good, but it did make me feel a lot of things and I loved that about it.

Do you play games? If so, what do you like?: Primarily Super Smash Bros.---currently Ultimate, historically Brawl and Melee---every now and then I'll make time for something else. I loved Outer Wilds and its DLC. Civilization 5 and 6 are fun. I like FPSs but don’t really play any at the moment. Night In The Woods is very personally important to me.

If you like to read, what do you read?: Usually Theory, or otherwise informational politically charged nonfiction; I have a stack of socialist magazines I still need to get through. On the lighter side: I like comics,, and every now and then I read a trans and/or gay fanfic, but I also don’t read anywhere near enough of either.

What kind of music do you listen to?: Not enough. I like high energy or good flow, and drums, and non-major key signatures, and delicious harmonies.

Microblog & Mutuals

What do you post about?: I dunno, whatever.
How often do you update?: Throughout the day.
What do you look for in a mutual?: Are they a friend, or someone who seems
What do you like to read about on your page?: Nothing in particular, this is microblogging.
Do you have any kind of mutual policy?: Do they have a small follower count?
Do you have any deal-breakers?: If you can’t deal with me being a cringy trans Commewnist kinny.
Is there anything others should know before friending?: I am a cringy trans Commewnist kinny.
Anything else? I am a black cat made entirely of fire. Be gay, do crimes, mowtherfuckers!!!!

there is a dreamwidth friending meme going on and i decided to post my take on it on mastodon lol 

@aescling just out of curiosity wheres yr cutoff for small follower count

re: there is a dreamwidth friending meme going on and i decided to post my take on it on mastodon lol 

@Satsuma used to be 200, but i do not follow that religiously at this point. now it’s more of a sus but generally good at predicting who i won’t be particularly close with

that number was an arbitrary cutoff; i remember finding keeping up with my timeline to be too much considerably before that point asd i guess i was kinda judgy about that lol

re: there is a dreamwidth friending meme going on and i decided to post my take on it on mastodon lol 

@Satsuma at this point though i would think 100 somewhat large lmao

re: there is a dreamwidth friending meme going on and i decided to post my take on it on mastodon lol 

@aescling yeah that all makes sense

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