Am reading a romance book & they just started a sexytimes scene and one MC deliberately leaves the other one’s glasses ON so he can see!! Instead of automatically taking them off and flinging them somewhere!!! ❤️

It’s such a tiny thing but it’s SO annoying to constantly have glasses removed in books like it’s not important for all parties to be able to see each other CLEARLY


@tozka i think a lot of non-glasses wearers just assume that everyone is nearsighted, in which case taking your glasses off makes more sense?

@Satsuma ha, maybe! But there’s also a lot of “the glasses are physically getting in the way and I don’t want to bother figuring out how to accommodate them when we make out so off they go” in romance books which is equally annoying

@tozka esp considering that this is text, the glasses wont be in the way unless someone writes them to be that way

@Satsuma @tozka heh I'll admit to doing the "take other person's glasses off for kissing" thing IRL, but I was a novice kisser at the time and we've since kissed plenty of times with both our glasses on. And I certainly wouldn't fling glasses carelessly away, even indoors, that's just a rude disregard of not only their property but the accommodation they need.

@Satsuma @tozka i'm nearsighted and still cannot see without my glasses on, ama

@Lady @Satsuma @tozka i can’t see that the giant E is an E unless i squint or wear glasses.

however, i do not like cuddling with my glasses on

@aescling @Satsuma @tozka yeah my range of good vision is about one foot in front of my face which is actually fine for most sexytimes but not for like, trying to shave one's legs in the shower

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