It’s the time of year when I ask people to go take the Community Survey!

Emphasis on the community part — people who do not currently or have not ever identified as ace are welcome to take part if they are interested & in fact having some comparative data from non-ace participants is helpful for the survey teams data analysis

I will answer questions directed my way to the best of my ability

However I am not on the survey team and am also not interested in your opinion about the fact that they’re using a google product for the survey so please keep that to yourself.

(If you notice any major oversights in the survey *design* eg, questions assuming a single partner, and don’t want to provide feedback with the survey team directly I will pass those along)

@Satsuma « were you born with (or developed naturally in puberty) genitals, reproductive organs, and/or chromosomal patterns that do not fit standard definitions of male or female » if anyone answers something other than “Yes” or “Unsure” for this i have Questions


@Lady :blobmeow_thinking:​ (sidenote why doesnt this server have the headtilt question mark dog)

@Satsuma it’s a Mutant Standard emoji and i haven’t added any Mutant Standard emoji yet

@Lady i would like headtilt question mark dog please thank u

@Satsuma anyway if you were looking for an actual explanation here i’m just saying i sure as heck don’t know my chromosomal patterns, and i would imagine that most other people also do not know their chromosomal patterns unless they already exhibit some kind of variance which would lead to that sort of investigation

knowing, definitively, absolutely that your chromosomes match the standard definitions of male and female alongside other biological traits and assigned sex at birth seems like it ought to be a rarity to me

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