all this talk of mastodon is making me want to fork mastodon 😔

mastodon developed by people who actually understand what the software is good for when 😔

like for real though people focus too much on fedi alternatives when: we have mastodon, it is good for some things, lots of people use it, it’s open source, we can do a lot with mastodon



anyway if your instance is small and agrees broadly with the principles in our /about/more and you want to contribute development labour to making mastodon better then @ me i guess and we can at least talk about it

we are not interested in taking on additional stakeholders without associated investment of labour, though

what i would like to see of mastodon dev is:

- instances finance themselves and make a determination based on their finances what labour they can offer. no central financing or donation mechanism for development.

- that means all developers are there on behalf of one or more instances, who form the stakeholders of the project.

- broad agreement across stakeholders on the purpose and immediate direction of the software (i.e., a single platform). ideally, multiple different forks with different platforms, but cohesion within any given project.

- initially, a very slow pace of development. very few new features. immediate focus on increasing maintainability of the software, improving documentation, and making onboarding easier. this is a hard sell; it's hard to get stakeholders (instances) to continue to finance development which does not give them anything new. in fact this work may introduce delays in acquiring upstream features. i’m not sure how to resolve this except with tangential personal incentives like: gaining a better understanding of rails, learning better development practices, personal satisfaction at making a complex software more easily understood…

- project longevity.

- good and active communication with users (of stakeholder instances).

@Lady what exactly do you mean by the first point? (and what would that look like here lol)

@aescling it would mean glitchcat would offer the development labour it can spare and [some other instance] would offer the development labour it can spare and there would be no central financing of development; glitchcat pays glitchcat devs (your patreon) and other instance pays theirs.

so there is no financial incentive to the project itself; it isn't bringing in money or trying to market itself to new instances; its only obligations are to the instances providing its labour

@aescling as opposed to mastodon where most of the money comes from sources other than the instances supplying the development labour

@aescling *upstream mastodon, which is financed significantly by sponsors and instance operators who do not contribute code

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