It’s the time of year when I ask people to go take the Community Survey!

Emphasis on the community part — people who do not currently or have not ever identified as ace are welcome to take part if they are interested & in fact having some comparative data from non-ace participants is helpful for the survey teams data analysis

I will answer questions directed my way to the best of my ability

However I am not on the survey team and am also not interested in your opinion about the fact that they’re using a google product for the survey so please keep that to yourself.

(If you notice any major oversights in the survey *design* eg, questions assuming a single partner, and don’t want to provide feedback with the survey team directly I will pass those along)

@Satsuma will they get mad if i select Non‐binary in « B1. Which (if any) of the following words would you use to describe your gender identity? » but then answer No for « B3. Do you identify as non-binary or consider yourself to be part of the non-binary umbrella? »


@Satsuma it gives differing results for “how many ace people are nonbinary” depending on whether they analyse B1 or B3 which makes me wonder why they included it in both places i mean really they were asking for this

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