It’s the time of year when I ask people to go take the Community Survey!

Emphasis on the community part — people who do not currently or have not ever identified as ace are welcome to take part if they are interested & in fact having some comparative data from non-ace participants is helpful for the survey teams data analysis

I will answer questions directed my way to the best of my ability

However I am not on the survey team and am also not interested in your opinion about the fact that they’re using a google product for the survey so please keep that to yourself.

(If you notice any major oversights in the survey *design* eg, questions assuming a single partner, and don’t want to provide feedback with the survey team directly I will pass those along)

@Satsuma I identify as Catholic but not Christian how do i fill out the religious demographic information

@Satsuma Non‐religious and then be more specific by specifying secular Catholic later??

@Lady they do actually read all the freeform boxes, its why their data processing takes so long

@Lady some places will just chuck it all under an other, or just eg. use data analysis to look for common keywords and then pull stats on that


@Satsuma yeah but not like, places that actually care

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