One thing that really shows how little Harry Potter fans understand their own favourite series is how many fucking Death Eater tattoos there are out there

@witchfynder_finder could say similar things about star wars, the problem is that in harry potter the good guys aren’t cool rebels but instead are cops

@witchfynder_finder yeah harry’s whole deal is he wants to grow up to be a wizard cop for some reason, it bites

@Lady She does such a good job of obfuscating that aurors are cops, too, like they sound like some other thing entirely

@witchfynder_finder i feel like he has a number of good role models to tell him like, harry my boy, don’t be a wizard cop (hagrid, dumbledore, sirius) but they never do and then two of them die

@Lady Dumbledore would have encouraged him to be a wizard cop probably but the other two definitely would not have

@witchfynder_finder @Lady aren't hagrid and sirius both technically felons

it's been a long time but i swear hagrid did something and got his magic permissions removed but he still uses it by keeping his wand pieces in an umbrella

@monorail @Lady Oh yeah Hagrid's absolutely a wizard felon

I think it involved dragons but I don't remember for sure

@witchfynder_finder @monorail checking the wiki he didn’t even do anything wrong, he was just framed for opening the chamber of secrets because he was big and liked scary monsters

@Lady @monorail I don't think Sirius actually did anything either, he was just framed and did Hard Time and the record was never adjusted

@Lady @witchfynder_finder you can be charged for other crimes you commit on the way but "escaping prison" specifically is not illegal

@Lady @witchfynder_finder iirc the justification is like "we can't really blame you for wanting to be free, that's human nature" but that's so ridiculous it can't be true

@Lady @witchfynder_finder so if the Harry potter books take place in Germany then that's ok, idr if they do though

@monorail @Lady No they're in England, but I think one of the rival schools in book 4 is German

@witchfynder_finder @monorail @Lady it's an unspecified north so probably russia/ussr/whatever and i am ashamed i remember this


@witchfynder_finder @monorail @seventy france is like hogwarts in that it’s kind of fun to read about if you don’t think too hard, and also it doesn’t exist

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