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eventually i may do a more proper intro post, but as a placeholder for now:

hi, i’m alyssa, or lyssa, or alice. or a bunch of other names if you know me well.

i don’t know yet what i’ll about yet, but possibly my daily life, or things i read or watch, or write.


maybe i should get into pogo again? 🤔


i have won the monster mash

oh huh i didn't know walruses were dogs

i would like to request gay movie recs


(i'm even playing ChuuboShokyou!)

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ttrpgposting, shouting 


i did the ludum dare game jam this past weekend and here is the game I made about a raccoon stowing away in a package delivery truck:

ttrpg posting 

highlights from today's session:

  • Saul (court wizard PC) fails so badly to capture Cador (ratkin PC) that he ends up with the maximum possible level of harm (to be fair he was already hurt from previous conflicts) and is spending all his time brooding in his tower about the insult to his pride
  • Sidonie (trade envoy PC) convinces Cador not to kill her rival for possibly months until she gets her final payment for intentionally losing the competition to make a deal with the lord they're here to trade with, so he is instead angrily assassinating the rival's secretary

someday i will actually put together a half decent 2d collision detection system and then re-use it every game instead of kludging together something horrifying every time

ttrpg misadventures, tragic 

in today's session we accidentally did 338.4 damage to an angel and instantly killed it


aperiodic reminder that alolan muk is adorable

i made a breakout game (with no paddle) where you're a ghost (or something)

ttrpg posting, torture, betrayal, schemes 

next session is going to be explosive

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ttrpg posting, torture, betrayal, schemes 

highlights from today’s The Shadow of Yesterday session:

  • Cador the ratkin (PC) has been spying on the trade envoy of a foreign merchant house to prepare to murder her (and is very well prepared now)
  • the court wizard, Saul (PC), trapped another ratkin hiding in the castle and magically tortured her into giving up that there’s another ratkin (Cador) and to help him capture them in exchange for letting her and her friend leave the castle and never come back
  • Sidonie (PC), trade envoy of a different merchant house conspired with Cador for the killing her rival plan. but she also made a deal to intentionally lose the trade negotiations with their host to the rival house in exchange for personal kickbacks.
  • Sidonie has also made arrangements to make a fake copy of a grimoire recently obtained by Saul that she will swap for the real thing in order to steal it.

ups i am either very flushed or pretty sunburned

popular video games 

wait the genitalia selector in baldur’s gate is real???

cop movies, spoilers for Tiempo de valientes (2005) 

the first act of the movie is about the two of them being depressed about their wives cheating on them (fuck men, these guys both admit to each other that they've cheated on their wives before) btw.

then they end up doing what i mentioned in the previous message

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cop movies, spoilers for Tiempo de valientes (2005) 

argentinian buddy cop movies are on a very different level.

a corrupt cop and a shrink end up breaking out of the intelligence services' headquarters, stealing a helicopter, and foiling a plot by the intelligence services to steal like uranium or something


tortillas are underrated as a stew delivery mechanism

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