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eventually i may do a more proper intro post, but as a placeholder for now:

hi, i’m alyssa, or lyssa, or alice. or a bunch of other names if you know me well.

i don’t know yet what i’ll about yet, but possibly my daily life, or things i read or watch, or write.

security vulnerabilities 

yo if y'all use Matrix with the Element client (or any other client implemented using the same libraries), y'all should update.

nebuchadnezzar-megolm.github.i and describe some vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a malicious homeserver (some in the protocol itself, some just in Element) and the fixes (or, for the protocol issues that haven't yet been fixed, how users can mitigate them)

when i try to read anti-oedipus i come away with a clearer idea of what they're trying to say than when i read wikipedia or some random blog trying to explain a three-act structure

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i feel like every once in a while i get curious about, like dramatic/narrative structure and briefly look into things like N-act structures and every time find every explanation i find of them incomprehensible.

exercise, body stuff 

gotta say my fave thing about exercise is having newly observable muscles.

there are muscles in my thighs and one could clearly see them in places when i am just like, standing up. it's neat

minor injury 

ow this was a surprisingly intense one

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minor injury 

ah, the curse of going outside: twisting my ankle

¿¿por qué el autocorrect de iphone no entiende voseo?? la OS tiene una configuración de idioma llamada "Español (Argentina)" pero el teclado no... :(

oh, the free covid tests thing in the US is ending September 2 'cause congress didn't get them any funding to buy more tests. so like, if you're in the US and you haven't already gotten 3 sets of those, consider doing so (

oooh pivotal tracker has a free tier now??


xpath sure is a lot more convenient for parsing data out of xml formats than the DOM interface

hmm, anybody got any recs for movies to watch that i will not have to particularly care about or pay attention or regret if i doze off in the middle of?

also, unlike scream, fright night was actually a horror movie with comedic elements rather than a comedy full of horror references

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i think, if i compare it to scream (being also a highly referential comedy horror movie), fright night is the more enjoyable film in itself, but its overt metatextual elements were weaker (being mostly just allusions to vampire films as a whole; although then again maybe there's a lot of more specific bits i missed because of my limited familiarity with the genre and the film not namedropping specific films)

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cw for somebody pushing another person's sexual boundaries in the opening scene tho

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fright night was a very fun movie. it's less concretely intertextual than scream (which iirc namechecked it), but really fun.

games i am considering for my next rpg one-shot, described flippantly:

  1. i haven't seen enough film noir to describe this game flippantly, please imagine your funniest way to describe a noir game and pretend that's what this one said
  2. what if there were a bunch of vampires and werewolves and fairies and stuff and their relationship drama was extreme
  3. it's hard being a heroic slightly-anthropomorphic mouse
  4. it's so cool to get swept up in the adventures of heroic slightly-anthropomorphic rats
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