“federation was a disaster” is a fascinating take to me; i superficially agree but i’m pretty sure i strongly disagree as to why

i’m just repeating myself here but i think instances NOT being interchangable is a GREAT feature and much of the problems with federation come from conflicts with the userbase over this question—granted, that all happened before my time

anyway yada yada runyourown.social. always trends here because i edited the code to allow us to say so. we will probably do something with isCat sometime in the future. i fuck around with this codebase when i can get around to actually working on it and everyone here seems to validate my bullshit. idk i’m having fun


a lady moderates our public timeline and it’s smol and nice. (our userbase being Cool certainly helps)

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A small, community‐oriented Mastodon‐compatible Fediverse (GlitchSoc) instance managed as a joint venture between the cat and KIBI families.